_MG_7102Saigon Lens is hoping to showcase Vietnam’s largest city – Saigon – through photographic images.

All images have been taken by long time expat Adam Hurley. Adam has over 14 years experience in South East Asia and while he might not be technically minded, he loves taking photographs that capture the everyday Saigon and it’s people.

Adam has been blogging for while and has never really been happy the outcome, so to make life more complicated, but easier, he has put together several blogs including:

  • Saigon Lens – dedicated to photography, mainly from Saigon but no doubt the odd image from around Asia!
  • Saigon Unseen – The BEST Motorbike – Walking – Foto Tours in Saigon!

So do yourself a favor and check out the blogs, like and leave comments.

If you come to Saigon, make sure you check out Adam’s Saigon Unseen Tours!

Happy Shooting.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I had a fab time in Vietnam and Cambodia last summer – spending 4 days in Saigon. Nice to see this blog – brings back some memories. You can see my experiences on the Vietnam page in the Travel section of our blog tanzalongs.wordpress.com/vietnam

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